I nominate……

It is time to nominate a blog for Edublogs awards. I would like to nominate my sister Meredith a.k.a Dominique. These are the reasons I chose her blog:

1. Her blog is pretty constant when it comes to posts. Meredith will update it about every week or so, so visitors will always have something new to read.

2. The presentation of her blog is very nice too. She has a colorful, fun blog with lots of awesome widgets(but not too much that they over power the posts) that appeal to visitors.

3. Her blog has grown, starting it a little more than a year ago, it is thriving. She has had over 2,000 visitors from over 60 countries, and I know that she loves it, having people all over the world from different cultures and places visit her blog!

4. Meredith’s posts are great, they are very interesting. They express her creativity in writing and her concerns/views in world affairs. I love reading her posts!!!!!!!!! Meredith’s post usally have some sort of media in them, maybe a picture or sometimes a “Voki”.

5. There are many more reasons why Meredith deserves an Edublog award!

This is a link to Meredith/Dominique’s blog: http://dominiquelovestoread.edublogs.org/

This is a link to a post about how to nominate: http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/2010/05/23/time-to-nominate/


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