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Welcome! You are visiting Caroline’s Corner. This is my first time having a blog and I am very excited! I was inspired by my older sister who has a wonderful blog that is thriving. Check it out at http://dominiquelovestoread.edublogs.org/ ! My past few teachers have had blogs and I thought they were really cool. I actually wanted a blog so much that I put it on my Christmas list. Luckily I got one beforehand. I am going to try to make a new post about every week. And I love when I get comments on my posts. I hope you enjoy exploring my site. As you may be able to tell my favorite color is pink and I like flowers. Have fun on my blog!

-Caroline 🙂

9 thoughts on “Welcome World!

  1. Hi Caroline!
    Welcome to the blogosphere! Hope you have fun! I’m eagerly awaiting your next post. Have a nice holiday season!

  2. Hi my name is ariana i live in thailand and me aand your sister comment on each other blogs alot!
    I am 10 (almost 11) and in 5th grade! your sister was 10 (almost 11) and in 5th grade! And welcome to bloging I started in Augest!

  3. Hey Caroline,
    Your blog is really cool,I love the ipod thing. Can you tell me how to make a blog one day?


  4. Thanks for commenting Emily. It is really easy to make a blog… You just need to go to the Edublogs website and click “make a blog”! With your parents permission ofcourse. The ipod and the other widgets I have to give credit to my sister. She showed me everything!


  5. G’day Caroline,
    Welcome to the edublogosphere! Your sister has been taking part in my student blogging challenge this year. I hope you join the one in March next year. Your blog is looking great and feel free to check out mine.

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