I can’t believe that it is already summer. I have been out of school for a couple of weeks and I have been enjoying the warm weather and relaxing days. I am going to be at a fun academic camp for a couple weeks and then my family is going on vacation. I also have a soccer camp later in the summer.

What are you doing this summer vacation?

-Caroline 🙂

April Vacation!!!

I realize that I say this every time I post, but I can’t believe that it is already mid-April! This year has been going so fast and soon it’ll be summer!!!! I just got back from Martha’s Vineyard this morning. It was a really nice trip and the weather was great! All days we were there it was very sunny and I very much enjoyed spending time in the scenic island off the Massachusetts’s coast. I am looking forward to enjoying the rest of my vacation!!!!!!!!!!

The cool cliffs at Aquinnah/ Gayhead.

Some of the amazing “gingerbread houses” in Martha’s Vineyard.


Are you on vacation right now?

If so, what are you doing?


-Caroline 🙂

March 1st?!?!

Wow, I haven’t written on my blog for a while, I can’t believe that we are this far into the year already. Last week was February vacation, and I spent it mostly relaxing, but I also went skiing once. In March I have some fun activities coming up like a Model United Nations Conference. Model UN is a club where you simulate a real United Nations conference.

Where/Are you in any clubs at school?



I can’t believe that it is already August. Wow! The summer has really flew by. I have been busy with tennis, drama classes, a play, and more. I was Mang the bat in the Jungle Book. It was a really fun show. Last weekend I had a softball tournament . My rec. softball team did really well during the softball season(springtime), we were undefeated! So we had a tournament against some teams from other towns. On Saturday we lost our first 2 games, badly, and won our third game. The next day we played one of the teams that we lost to the day before… and we won! We lost the game after that but that was okay, we came in second place overall!!! Some fun things coming up for me in August are my mom and sisters birthdays, friends from Germany visiting, tennis, and more.

What are you doing for the rest of the summer?


Memorial Day!!!

We have a long weekend this weekend in honor of Memorial Day. I am going camping with my family. I love to camp! I enjoy riding my bike, scootering, kayaking, roasting marshmallows, making s’mores and more. Right now it is very warm, but I don’t know if it is warm enough to go swimming. I hope so! ☺

Do you celebrate Memorial Day?

Have you ever camped?

Happy Memorial Day,


Puerto Rico!!!


Right now my school is on April Vacation. Yesterday I got back from a vacation with my family. We went to Puerto Rico. We left last Saturday and when we got off the plane it was about 8:00 at night, and it was close to 90 degrees!!! Much different than from where I live. The next day we spent a relaxing morning at our hotel at the beach and the olympic-sized pool. That afternoon we took a short ferry ride to Old San Juan. Old San Juan is very beautiful with many colorful houses and many forts. We visited Castillo de San Felipe del Morro, a huge fort. It is hard to describe how big it was, it was 7 stories tall, made totally of stone. The next morning my family and I went on a long horseback ride through the countryside of Puerto Rico and stopped a while at a beach. It was really fun and I loved my horse named Ladonia. Again that afternoon we hung out at our hotel and my sister and I got pina coladas, mmmm… On Tuesday we went to El Yunque Rainforest National Park. It was so beautiful and lush. There were many trails and we took a windy one to a waterfall called La Mina Falls. My sister, dad and I swam at the waterfall. There were many people there and the water was very nice. We also checked out La Coca Falls, this one you couldn’t swim at but as equally beautiful. After leaving the rainforest we went to Plaza Las Americas, the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean. That night I also played tennis with my sister. The next morning we went to Rio Camuy Cave Park, a HUGE cave called Clara Cave, there are also 2000 other caves like it. That was so big and interesting. Then we went back to our hotel for the afternoon. I went swimming in the ocean again and the waves were so huge! I went body surfing, it was a lot of fun. On Thursday my family and I drove to Ponce, a city on the south of Puerto Rico. From there we drove to some beaches on the Caribbean, the water was so nice. On our last day we went back to Old San Juan in the morning and went to the other fort there, Castillo de San Cristobal. That afternoon we also spent relaxing at the beach. That night my family and I went mini-golfing at our hotel. The next morning we left early for the airport. I was sad to leave Puerto Rico and its nice weather.


February Vacation!!!

Right now I am on February vacation. My sister went away with her school over the break. I spent a lot of time with my friends. A couple days ago my dad and I went skiing for a day. The conditions were great and it wasn’t that busy. I love skiing and have been skiing since I was little. Someday I want to try snowboarding.

Do you like to ski or snowboard?

skis and poles


Podcast Contest!!!

My friend Dani and I made a podcast for a contest about why learning languages in the 21st century is important. We were chosen as a finalist. Now people can vote. Our video on the site isn’t the best quality for some reason. It was fine before though. To vote you must sign up for a free account and they will send you a confirmation email. Here is the site for voting:

Here is our video:




P.S. Just to let you know the confirmation email may come in your junk email.

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everybody! Last night I stayed up till midnight to welcome the new year by watching the ball drop in NYC on my TV. One of my resolutions this year is to keep my room tidier.

What are your resolutions?



Thanksgiving Break!!!

Over Thanksgiving break my family and I went to St. Augustine, Florida. The history was amazing, I loved body surfing on the waves in the ocean, and we spent one day in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios!!! My sister and I are big Harry Potter fans, and we love rides. Along with going into shops like Zonkos, Honeydukes, The Three Broomsticks, Dervish and Banges, and more my sister Meredith and I went on both dragon rides, the Hungarian Horntail, and the Chinese Fireball, and we also went on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and The Flight of the Hippogriff. We also went on other rides like the Halk.

Here are some pictures from the trip:


The Hulk, my favorite ride!!!

st.aug beach

The beach I went swimming at EVERYDAY!!!

full hogsmede